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PPC Ad Agency

Paid advertising agency for Raleigh businesses

We are your trusted PPC agency in Raleigh, NC, and ensure that your ads are being seen at the right time, by the right people.

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How Does PPC Advertising Work?

It's the fastest way to get your brand in front of more eyes. Paid advertising is essentially a “pay to play” game. In exchange for money, the platform rewards you with clicks and views. Unlike SEO, which requires patience and upkeep, PPC is a very quick method if you're wanting to see immediate results. Lazarus specializes in two platforms for paid advertising and Facebook (includes Instagram) and Google (includes YouTube).


Google Advertising

It's all a matter of showing up at the top of a page when a prospective customer enters a search query into the search box. 75% of folks never scroll past the first page of Google which is why advertising here has such a big and immediate impact.

Facebook Advertising

You customize your audience and then your ad is only viewed by those particular people. Now, a key point to remember when doing any PPC in Raleigh or elsewhere... If there is a lot of competition in your market, ads will be more expensive. However, the gain will be incredible.

Why Should You
Pay For Ads?

You get results! The return outweighs the cost. If you are looking for promising leads and quickly, this is the path to follow. The other alternative is SEO, which is free, but that is something that will require patience and will not involve a quick turnaround.

If you're really serious about getting new customers, and bonus, if your business or Raleigh company is already doing decently well, then paid advertising will only make things bigger and better for you.

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Raleigh business owners have come to us with similar predicaments. They have a stellar business but don’t know how to effectively communicate how great their business really is. Paid advertising solves that problem and solves it quickly.
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Should You Run Ads on Facebook or Google? Or Both?

This is definitely a question you want to answer before you begin advertising and it all boils down to what you are selling or advertising and to whom is looking to purchase your product.

Text-Based Ads

For the most part, Google ads are all text-based and appear at the top and bottom page of Google whereas Facebook ads can be more media like and include images and a bit more personality.

What Are You Selling?

If it is a more social product and leans toward the less expensive end, then Facebook may be the best bet. But if it is on the higher end, Google may be the way to go.

Both is Better

People aren’t likely to trust your brand if they only have one interaction (or see your ad once) but if they were to scroll on Facebook and see mention and then see your brand name again on Google, the potential for someone to reach out increases.

What’s a Good Ad Spend Amount?

This depends on how aggressively you’d like to grow. There is something to be said about spending a higher dollar amount as the more you put in, the more you are likely to get out of it. However, you don’t want to waste money.

Every Raleigh business is different and has different goals and different budgets but generally, on average we recommend starting off within the $750-$1,000 per month range. Anything smaller isn’t likely to have any benefit. See what happens with that first input and let that dictate how much you shell out the next month.

Give us a minute and we'll hit our stride

When Will the Results Start Rolling in?

Patience is a virtue, they say, and you will need at least a little bit of it when embarking on the advertising journey. Although time varies, what we’ve experienced is that you need to give it at least three full months to see any sort of consistency in return.

Pipeline Value

For 1 client, we built a huge pipeline from Facebook & Google ads.

Ad Spend

Managed ad spend.


Generated from paid ads.


Each month, we’ll focus on creating and controlling one Facebook ad campaign centered on the growth of your brand. Components of this build include devising copy that will pull your audience in, creating imagery or videos to accompany the text, and most importantly, setting strategic parameters so that your ads are seen by the right people at the right time on their news feed.

Similar to Facebook, for Google, we will create a singular campaign that we put our sole focus and effort into for the month. Google ads are all about creating the most enticing headlines that inspire the click and we are dynamos at doing so. From there, we will set the guidelines for who will see your ad.